JetBoat Xtreme in Surfers Paradise.

Things to do in Surfers Paradise

Gold Coast FUN!

Author: Mats Genberg

The Gold Coast is the kind of place where racing lovers can take their not-so-racing-loving family members for a week of racing events without creating trauma. The coastline is full of activities and attractions. Here’s a few suggestions that can be used to trigger the travel nerve.

A water-rollercoaster - try out JetBoat Xtreme.

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Ride a fast boat!

Jet boats originate from New Zealand, where they run in shallow rivers. With a depth of only a few inches, they can run really close to the shores of the Gold Coast waterways.

And they go fast. Really fast. Then they stop and turn on a penny, making everybody on board soaking wet. Compare it to a water-rollercoaster that goes on and on, but for some strange reason, it won’t make you seasick. Try out JetBoat Xtreme in Surfers Paradise.

Skypoint Climb on the outside of skyscparer Q1 in Surfers Paradise

Climb a tall building–on the outside!

So you fancy tall buildings? Ever tried climbing one—on the outside? At Q1 in Surfers Paradise you can do just that. Start at the observation deck on the 77th floor 240 m (that’s about 750 feet) up, walk out of a door, and climb the outside stairs another 30 meters! Hold on to the hand rail or rely on the harness and look down. A great way to sightsee.

The koala is the signature animal of Queensland.

Cuddle a koala

The koala is the signature animal of Queensland. For those of us who are not accustomed to these real life teddy bears, seeing them chilling in the eucalyptus trees at Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary is just awesome. Having one put in your arms for a cuddle is even more so!

Don’t miss the feeding of the free-flying wild Rainbow Lorikeets, either. A bit unreal if you are from a part of the world where birds come in grey, brown and black.

Learn to surf.

Learn to surf

There are surfing schools on every beach, and there are many beaches here! Just sign up and get started. If you are more into watching, go to a traditional Surf Life Saving Club like The Currumbin Beach Vikings for a bite and get a feeling for just how important beach life is here. The dress code? ”Footwear is worn at all times while inside the Club. Thongs/flip-flops/sandals are OK for men & women, day & night!”

OIne of the most top luxury hotels, Main Beach Gold Coast.

Have a drink (or stay) at a really posh hotel

In this land of beachwear and ”Cheers mate!” it’s somewhat surprising to find one of the most over the top luxury hotels anywhere. Never the less, Main Beach Gold Coast is where you find Palazzo Versace. The first fashion-branded hotel in the world, it is also home to U2 and the Rolling Stones when they play in nearby Brisbane. The hotel has even got a sand beach in its courtyard. Go and see!


Paths of glory

Dubai and Burj Khalifa.

Turning sand into GOLD

Turfers Paradise The Magic Millions Carnival starts with a party on the beach—with horses.

Turfers Paradise

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