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Saratoga might be one of the few places anywhere in the world that gets so many visitors in spite of a total lack of beaches. Saratoga is a self-made town with lots of things to do—even on non-racedays. All within a 5-minute bike ride from anywhere in town.


Visit the sales
Fasig-Tipton’s sales barn is less than half a mile from the race course. The neat stables in the middle of an upscale residential area is what could most easily be described as a boutique experience that is far from the big sales in Kentucky and England.
Still this is a place where you can see big money and fine horses change owners. This is where the legendary Seabiscuit was sold.



Just hanging out at Fasig-Tipton’s beautiful sales complex is relaxing.
Just hanging out at Fasig-Tipton’s beautiful sales complex is relaxing.

Walk along main street Saratoga. Sit down at one of the many restaurants with a drink and just watch people and traffic. A very relaxing way to spend more hours than you had planned to.

Just walking up and down Broadway.
Just walking up and down Broadway.

Impressions of Saratoga
The ultimate racing lover’s shop is right on Broadway. And you can find everything from bumper stickers to exclusive lamps with bronze race horses. A place for a shopping spree! The owner, Mare (yup–that is what people call her!), finds things that no one else can find.

Saratoga Saddlery
English and western style equestrian themed fashion of the very highest standards is found here. Some made to ride in, some to make you look “horsey.” It is a cool shop where some of the most affluent East Coasters go to get dressed for the Saratoga season. On Broadway.

Drink from the springs
The full name of the town is Saratoga Springs, and you can’t visit without going to a spring or at least trying the spring water.
But beware­—the taste is special!

National Museum of Racing
Located between the racecourse and Fasig-Tipton. One of the biggest of its kind. You can see historic jockey silks, try a racing simulator and feel real starting gates. This is also the home of America’s Racing Hall of Fame.

Congress Park
A pretty little park in the middle of town with spring water and the town’s first casino. Walking around here you expect to hear someone singing ”Hello Dolly” any minute.


House watching

Just hanging out at Fasig-Tipton’s beautiful sales complex is relaxing.
Just hanging out at Fasig-Tipton’s beautiful sales complex is relaxing.

Walk from the track to Broadway—or the other way around—along Union Avenue or Spring Street and just look at some of the prettiest New England style houses and gardens ever. No walls or high fences block your view. and people in general seem to be proud over the fact that we love their houses.

Besides racing, Saratoga is becoming the number one dance and ballet-town in the US. Here you can find the National Museum of Dance with Dance Hall of Fame. In early summer Saratoga is home to the New York City Ballet.

Saratoga Performing Arts Centre is perfect when you need a dose of culture. The 2000 acre park have performances almost every night. From the Philadelphia philharmonics to Def Leppard.

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