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Mats Genberg

Richard Dunwoody has been in more photos than most. Winners photos that is. During his career as a jockey he rode 1,699 winners in the UK alone. Over jumps. That was at the time more than any other jockey. Ever.

At 22 he won The Grand National. At 30 he did it again. He became the only jockey of his generation to win the Big Three: the Gold Cup, Champion Hurdle, Grand National.

In 1999 he retired but the need for adrenaline was still there. In 2003 he competed in the inaugural Polar Race to the Magnetic North Pole.

In 2008 he went to the South Pole.

Alone. 680 miles on skis.
Richard is a man that gets ideas.

And then makes them come true.
Two years ago, he decided to pursue another dream and signed for a nine month intensive photojournalism course at the Spéos Photographic Institute in Paris.
The result can be seen on the following pages.
Did we hear anyone say amazing?

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