Gallop Magazine 3/2014

Fall-Autumn / 2014

Gallop Magazine 3/2014
Gallop Magazine 3/2014
We’re proud to present you with our fall issue!

It has great reads on some of our most cherished topics, including our newfound love for big-crowd South Korean racing, a star-studded visit to Melbourne Cup, the undeserved destiny of Sunday Silence and Al Capone’s brushes with Chicago’s local racing elite.


  • A Winning Way

    COVER STORY During her time on the track, Lord Derby’s Ouija Board conquered hearts all around the world. Today, her kind and gentle disposition continues to enrich the lives of those around her – horses and humans alike. She is also partial to polo mints. Pictured on the cover is her offspring Australia, one of the brightest shining racing stars in 2014.

    Racing Gangnam Style

    Come with us to South Korea, the crowded and racing-crazy country where everything about the sport is counted in millions – from purses to betting turnover and attendance figures. And still there’s no chaos, only blissful efficiency.

    Breeders’ Cup through the Ages

    Everything you ever wanted to know about Breeders’ Cup: We follow up last year’s popular story about its World Championships with a historical extravaganza. We dig deep into the glorious talents, the iconic classics, the vital statistics and other elements to its greatness.

    Al Capone’s Fight for a Winning Bet

    Ever wondered why Chicago’s Sportsman’s Park and Hawthorne are so close to each other? The answer includes Al Capone’s infatuation with the sport – or was is only the easy money from fixed races? Read more in our Chicago gangland feature.