Gallop Magazine Summer 2017

Summer / 2017

Gallop Magazine Summer / 2017
Gallop Magazine Summer 2017
  • João Moreira. 8 wins in a day. 3 times. The Magic Man from Brazil.
  • $17 million in 13  minutes… is Arrogate the highest paid athlete ever?     
  • Mongol Derby. A very different horse race…
  • Secretariat – made a country mad about racing  


  • Joao Moreira

    From South America to Singapore, Hong Kong and beyond, the jockey known as the Magic Man continues to dominate racing wherever he rides.

    – BY Shane McNally PHOTO Wallace Wan, Michael Dodge/Getty Images

    THE RISE of ARROGATE - How to conquer the world in 341 days

    A 100-foot statue of the mythical equine Pegasus looms over the Florida landscape, crushing into submission a writhing steel dragon. With no hint of understatement, this monstrous pair signal the location of Gulfstream Park, home of the Pegasus World Cup, the latest addition to the elite racing calendar and the world’s richest race. In an age where the spectacular has become the norm, Gulfstream hoped this titanic structure would draw global attention and provide an allegory for the epic battles their $12m purse sought to incite.

    BY Alex Cairns   PHOTO  Zoe Metz, Eclipse Sportswire/Getty

    Tough, rough, courageous - The Mongol Derby

    Welcome to a horse race like no other, a 1000km endurance event – the longest in the world – across Mongolia’s limitless horizons.

    TEXT & PHOTO BY Richard Dunwoody

    Secretariat - The horse that made a country mad about horse racing

    During his record-breaking Triple Crown run in 1973, Secretariat created hysteria that had not been seen before or since in the racing world. The jewel in the crown, his Belmont Stakes victory was, as someone put it, “the horse race of all times”. Secretariat is one of the legends. Those who widen boundaries and put fantasy in motion. This is his story.

    Photo special - Frank Sorge

    He travels the world as a racing photographer, but German racing is where his heart is. Meet Frank Sorge.