Spring/ 2016

In this brand new spring issue, you can read about Per Gråberg, a Swedish champion jockey, who rides for his love of speed, the legendary Birdsville Races that pull in enthusiasts from all over Australia, the very expensive redevelopment of Longchamp, Japan’s latest racing darling Buchiko and her unusual colouring, and much more.

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  • Japan's latest racing darling

    Yes, those spots are real. Meet Buchiko, Japan’s latest racing darling thanks to her most
    unusual colouring. With her name translating roughly to ‘spotted kid’ or ‘dappled girl,’
    Buchiko is developing quite a following—particularly among young women who traditionally
    don’t fit the mold of horse racing fans in Japan. White horses go beyond just cute, though, in Japan.

    As Oz as it gets

    For 362 days a year, Birdsville dozes on the edge of the Simpson desert—a couple of hundred people in the middle of nowhere, a couple of hundred million flies to torment them, heat like a jack hammer on the back of the head. Come the first weekend in September, it’s wake up time. For two riotous days and three rip-roaring nights, the legendary Birdsville Races pull in enthusiasts from all over Australia.

    Longchamp is in for a treat

    Longchamp in Paris is one of the truly great race courses in the world—a true Grand Dame. Now she is getting dressed up for the 21st century in the latest Haute Couture.

    Racing for a living

    Scandinavia might be most well-known for things like flat-packed furniture and beautiful women. Fair enough. However, we’ve also got horseracing and a champion jockey who rides for his love of speed, more than the love of horses. Meet Per-Anders Gråberg, a man at the top of his game.