Winter / 2013

Gallop Magazine 4/2013

In the winter issue you can read about racing in Florida, the full story about Palio de Siena in Italy and a lot more!



    From cattle to record selling horses

    Fifteen years ago Anna Drion showed a cow (!) at a show in Sweden and had hardly ever seen a thoroughbred. Today her company, Coulonces Consignment, rouinely tops the sales in France.
    A true fairy tale story if ever there was one.


    Photo: Jon Franklin

    In the summer of 1994 Jon Franklin and three work colleagues from a William Hill betting shop drove down fromLondon to the Glorious Goodwood race meeting ob the south coast of England.


    The beginning of the racing as we know it

    Two times per year the medieval city of Siena in Italy explodes in a symphony of horses, riders and colors in a way that can make the Derbies of today seem like tea parties for grandmothers.
    Horses representing the city´s 17 districts, knows as the Contrade, fight for the Palio – and have done so for hundreds of years.
    It is impossible not to feel that this is the origin of horse racing as we know it. The starting line, the round track, the silks…even the infield.
    Nothing is new under the sun.
    The Palio is usually held twice a year, on July 2 and August 16.
    However, in honor of special events the Sienese community can elect to hold a third Palio.
    Enrico Querci from Pisa loves the Palio. Here is his portrait of an event that can only be painted with passionate words:


    Welcome to Florida!
    – Sunshine, yachts, oranges and racehorses

    Birds fly south for the winter in the USA, and so do people. Often, many of the best race horses, trainers and jockeys find themselves in the Sunshine State of Florida.
    Still, Florida´s position as a great place for horse lovers might not be so well known. The fact remains, however, the same great weather that makes it a top vacation spot also makes it a perfect place for horses and horse people.
    Warm – but not steaming hot. Dry – but not a desert. And with everything you need for an easy lie within arm´s reach. Living is easy in Florida, regardless of the number of legs you have…