Spring / 2014

In the spring issue you can read about The Hollywood story of Mine That Bird, Jump racing at the heart of the Irish, Maryland – The small state with big racing, and a lot more!

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    Far away and close.
    Horse Racing is global in a way that few other sports are. Maybe it´s because horse are never stopped by language barriers. Once you look into the eye of a horse all is the same.
    Regardless of it you are at a posh sale in the west – or at the races in Khartoum in Sudan. Richard Dunwoody used to be one of the worlds best jump jockeys. Now he travels the world with his camera. Showing it to us from a horse persons perspective.


    The small state with big racing.

    If you think of North American horse racing, odds are you think of the Kentucky Derby. If you go beyond that, you might think of the Triple Crown, which is also comprised of the home of the Preakness, has an incredibly deep and rich association with horses.
    Not only does Maryland host the second jewel of the Triple Crown, it also can lay claim to one of the toughest steeplechase races in the world, and its official state sports is none other than jousting! Plus, if the Maryland racing scene was good enough for George Washington, it is probably worth the time to learn about.


    Where the sport is what counts.

    Standing around in a rainy field on a cold Sunday in January wouldn´t be many people´s idea of fun, but we Irish have long been famed for our eccentric ways. Just as we have been famed for our love of horses.
    And so, amid winter weather that would keep most front doors firmly shut, it is this enduring passion for the equine that brings us out amongst the country´s forty shades of green to enjoy a sport at which we are undoubtedly the best in the world: national hunt horse racing.


    The incredible story of the 50 to 1 Kentucky Derby winner.

    If horse racing is the Sport of Kings, in America the Kentucky Derby is the Royal Ball. Just getting invited is a huge honor. In 2009, a horse named Mine That Bird crashed the party like a modern day Cinderella. He had humble origins and humble connections, but that didn´t stop him from finding his way to victory on the first Saturday in May. It was a fairy tale story, and one that even Hollywood couldn´t ignore.