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Author: Mats Genberg Photo: Elina Björklund

Once in a while you just fall upon photos that won’t let you go. That is what happened when we were invited to like the Facebook page ”Roccam Shots”.

Who was this person who showed racing in a way that we had never seen before?

We were in for a surprise. This was the art of 23-year-old amateur photographer Elina Björklund from Täby in Sweden. She is a regular at the classic Stockholm Racecourse in the same suburb.

Elina works at a dog daycare center (!) but spends all her free time with photography and processing her images in a truly special way.

”I always had a love for horses, but was never allowed to start riding,” she says. ”I had a simple camera and was slowly drawn into photography. I started going to the zoo to get portraits of wild animals, but then two years ago I got an SLR and that changed everything.

I went to the track to see horses and to take pictures and it was all there. The action, the drama, the stories. Wherever you look there is something visual happening. I hope one day maybe I can do this for a living, but right now I take care of dogs. And that is not a bad thing either…”

Ascot Grandstand.

Royal Ascot in numbers


Paths of glory

Ride a race horse on the beach!
Haras du Morne on the spectacular Le Morne peninsula on the southern tip of the island.

Mauritius – the racing island in the sun

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