Fall/Autumn / 2016

Time for the autumn 2016 issue. This time we tell you about racing in South Africa ( the other down under) and then we cross the Indian Ocean for the story if Archie Da Silva who tells us what it’s like to be a racehorse owner in Hong Koing. Archie owned Silent Witness – say no more!

Shane McNally explains the little things that make racing in Australia different for non ozzies. And you get to meet Maria Hagman. “Just” an amateur trainer only training purebred arabians. But she is the best amateur in Sweden. And – she is one of the worlds best endurance riders. And the single mother of baby twins. And an on-call firefighter!
And don’t miss Shingo Naka’s photos. This is art!
We hope you will enjoy it!

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  • Maria Hagman

    29 year old Maria Hagman from Sweden only trains six racehorses. But – she also trains five endurance horses and has been ranked one of the leading endurance riders in the world for several years. To top it off she’s an on-call firefighter, a nurse, the single mother of baby twins and Swedens reigning amateur champion trainer. Not to forget that she drives 100,000 km per year and has no staff working for her.

    At last - Global horse racing TV!

    Today we can watch premier league in Japan, follow the US Masters in Sweden and see Formula One from Brazil to China. But watching the biggest horse races is a hassle – if it even is possible. Now Racing UK is changing all that and horse racing is finally getting the international TV coverage it needs and deserves.

    Racing down under

    It’s very big business in Australia – but often it’s the little things that separate Australian racing from the rest of the world. Shane McNally reports.

    Witness to a city

    Horse racing is huge in Hong Kong – and very different, especially from an owner’s point of view. Meet Hong Kong racehorse owner Arthur Antonio da Silva, a man who has been a member of the Hong Kong Jockey Club for almost half a century. This is his take on lessons he has learnt as an owner, his love of racing and his thoughts on the future of Hong Kong’s Thoroughbred industry.

    10 page photo special

    Shinto Naka has a very special way of portraying racing.